Ad Sales Psych Out: How to Keep Yourself Pumped Up!


Need some motivation? Try these 7 action-steps to inspired sales success!

It happens to every salesperson sometimes. You go through the motions of your selling day, feeling tired and uninspired. Where can you find motivation? There is no magic solution, unfortunately. The best source of inspiration comes from within you!

So be your own personal sales coach! But it has to be more than just positive self-talk and uplifting phrases taped to your desktop.

Here are 7 action-steps you can take to keep you motivated to the max: [Read more…]

Four Universal Ad Sales Truths You Need to Know!

Ad sales reps give nearly every excuse imaginable when it comes to sales goal failure.  Excuses range from a bad changing deadlines…to the diminishing importance of print…to working for a real jerk.


Do you ever wonder why you are not making the sales goals you want? Here are Ryan’s 4 Ad Sales Truths.

The truth is your advertising sales success is only as good as your ability to adapt and overcome the situations before you.  This applies to the ad sales game and in life.  It’s not about having the number one media in the market.  It’s not about making 85 outbound calls per day.

Ad sales success is about having consistent, disciplined actions and the ability to understand basic human behavior.  And in the ad sales game, it means gaining insight into what motivates your advertisers.

Daily practice and customer motivations are at the very heart of my ad sales training program.  I’m going to share with you my own personal example. Early in my sales career, I struggled. [Read more…]