What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to sell your brand)


Media expert Tim Hermes shares his insights into what to do right when selling your brand.

The American Dream. Launching, growing and selling a business. All those years of work paying off. The courtship, the dinners. The (sometimes fake) laughter. The new people who impress. The ones who don’t. New systems, new twists, new visions. A big check. The renovated bathroom your spouse wants (yeah this happened – good call, honey.) [Read more…]

Selling Your Media Company? Get Your Team On Board to Maximize Value!


Thinking about selling your media business? Here’s some sound advice from Media Financial Guru Michael Alcamo.

Considering a sale of your niche media business, but not sure how to get your highest and best price – while also keeping your team focused on growth?  We recently consulted Michael Alcamo, President of media investment firm M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. and a popular speaker at our Niche Media conferences.

Alcamo says he explores the ways that an owner can think 12-18 months ahead, and put the building blocks in place for a successful sale at a high valuation. “We often talk with owner in depth about the Six Keys so they can achieve the highest and best valuation.”

Here are Michael Alcamo’s 6 Keys to Your Best Valuation:

1) Employee talent

2) Operations

3) Financials

4) Products

5) All-important market perceptions

6) The components of valuation

In this post, we are going to address Key #1, Employee Talent:

How Do I Talk to My Employees About a Sale?  [Read more…]