Ad Sales Pros – Give Prospects a Reason to Talk to You!!!

Carl LandauBy Carl Landau, Niche Media’s Grand Poobah Carl Landau, Super Nicheman!

All  ad sales people know it – the number one reason prospects don’t want to talk to you is because you want to talk about the dreaded “advertising word”. Don’t be so transparent. Anyone can try to sell advertising, but the great ad sales people have ideas that can really help their prospects.

Running an effective traditional advertising program is important, but what clients really want – and what makes you stand out as a resource – are creative ideas that can help them accomplish their marketing goals within their budget. This is particularly true of your small- and medium-sized clients that just don’t have a lot of marketing expertise.

If you get this right you will never get the cold shoulder from prospects again. Here are 5 key areas where you can really help your prospects  or offer creative solutions.

1. Driving web traffic: You need to become an expert in search engine optimization. At the very least know the SEO basics. So many prospects really need help with this, and it is an easy way to become a resource.

2. Social Media: Offer to run a short post on Facebook or Twitter about a product of theirs that your audience would be interested in to get the prospect interested in social media advertising.

3. Surveys & Research: Find out what your prospect wants to learn about your audience and run a short, 3-question survey to a part of your list.

4. Contests: Develop a contest for your client using your magazine and website as the launching pad (this is part of an ad program they will be buying).

5. Lead Generation: Help them develop a lead program using unique web landing pages and unique 800 numbers.

These are just a few ideas. Literally there are hundreds of creative ideas you can use. By becoming your prospects’ marketing guru you will gain their trust. They will want to take your phone calls and buy bigger advertising and sponsorship packages. It all starts by selling them a few ideas.

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