The Social Media Time Commitment: How DO Niche Publishers do it??


Is social media a giant time-suck or does it have real value for niche publishers? Tim Hermes explains.

So I’ll start by saying my personal social media efforts are lacking.

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, or other made-for-TV celebrities who have oodles of time on their hands, keeping up with social media posting from a corporate perspective is daunting. Many people perceive social media as a fun hobby or a casual, person-to-person experience. But in the publishing world it can be serious business and even a single-character mistake can have a profound effect. For example:

Just finshd a bd conversatn w XYZ Cmpny 2day. Need more discuss. #XYZ
Just finshd a gd conversatn w XYZ Cmpny 2day. Need more discuss. #XYZ

Can you imagine if your editor made a mistake like this if they were in a hurry? [Read more…]

Social Media Marketing Insights for 2016


SME’s 2015 Report to help you make sense of your social media goals and strategy for 2016.

The Social Media Examiner has released their 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. They surveyed over 3,700 marketers from a variety of industries about everything social media–what the big questions are, how much of a time commitment it is for organizations, the measurable benefits, most used platforms, etc.

Beyond the summary of their primary findings, we went through the 54-page report to give you some helpful quick insights as you develop your social media marketing programs, for both advertisers and your audience, in 2016: [Read more…]

6 Great Ways to Reward Your Fans

Never, ever take your people for granted. You know, the evangelists for your brand, the ambassadors, champions, super fans—whatever you want to call the people who are passionate about your niche magazine.


Here’s some ways to reward your 100%, true-blue passionate fans.

And when you show appreciation to your fans, it is very important to be consistent, responsive and genuine.  If you only give thanks randomly, you can expect random results.

Here are 6 great ways to reward your fans:

  1. Free stuff. People love free stuff, whether it’s a sample of something your are testing, branded promo item or free tix to one of your events.
  2. Invites. Invite your passionate fans to beta test for you. Invite them for a sneak-peek of something you haven’t unveiled yet and ask for their feedback. [Read more…]

The Real Reason Why Social Media Matters for Niche Publishers


Social Media is not exactly new. Sure the medium has evolved but we’ve been sharing with each other for ages.

Tom Standage has recently released his new book, “Writing on the Wall.” In his keynote speech, he posits that social (media) sharing is actually a very old thing—going back centuries. His talk is almost 48 minutes long, so here is our short version:

Standage refers all the way back to the Roman Empire, where the elite had slaves who collected their personal messages and scribes to write them.  All of them were active social sharers. (We can probably make the argument that social sharing goes all the way back to the prehistoric age with hieroglyphics.) [Read more…]

How to Revitalize Your Magazine’s Social Media Program


Content Marketing Guru Carla Johnson tells us how you can revitalize your social media programs.

Want to revitalize your social media strategy but not sure where to start? We recently checked in with content marketing guru Carla Johnson, who will be leading the session: Social Impossible  at the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville this fall.

It’s all about transforming your magazine’s social presence from just a bland corporate Facebook page to a vibrant social media powerhouse. We asked Carla to share with us some insights and take-aways on where to start and give some real-world examples.

Niche Media HQ: Most niche publishers want to revitalize their social media programs in some way. What are 3 questions they should ask themselves before they start?

Carla Johnson:

1 – Why am I even on social media?
2 – What social media platforms does my audience use, and why (if any)?
3 – What resources (time and team) do I have to commit to create a consistent experience through social media? [Read more…]

Pump Up Online Revenue for Niche Magazines!


NDC Speaker Ryan Dohrn shares his ad sales insights with us.

Ready to pump up your online revenue MEGA-fast? We have you MEGA-covered! Ryan Dohrn, Ad Sales Expert and speaker at the Niche Digital Conference this fall, will be leading the session: Mega Online Revenue Mania.

He will be teaching attendees new ways to maximize cash from your e-newsletter program, sell social media, use video to drive advertising dollars, apply new online pricing models based on user interaction, and ratchet up your enewsletter sign-ups. Today he shares some of his insights with us on how to maximize your online revenue.

Niche Media HQ: Can you give us 3-practical quick tips for developing high-revenue programs? [Read more…]

Your Personal Online Branding Can Create Value For Your Advertisers!


Niche Digital Speaker and Sales Guru Mitchell Olszewski shares his insights on how to create your own personal brand–and advertisers will love you for it.

The old-time, stereotypical sales person – briefcase and media kit in hand – is a thing of the past. Today’s successful salesperson is creating a personal brand online and is fully present in a 24-hour media environment.

Mitchell, Olszewski, Niche Digital Conference Speaker and Super-Cool Sales Guru, will be teaching a session in Nashville this fall about how to use high-tech tools that make you more efficient and give you a “cool” factor that advertisers want to identify with. His session is: Ultimate Guide! Today’s High Tech Social Media Savvy Sales Person.

We checked in with Mitchell to get some savvy sales tips about how to create value for advertisers with social media: [Read more…]

Friday 2 Minute Stretch for Niche Magazine Publishers

We get so bogged down with everyday agendas that sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees, we’re knee deep in the muck, we lose sight of the big picture–know what I mean? So take off those swamp boots for a moment and put on some track shoes. It’s Friday, remember?


Win the work week race by doing our 2-min quick stretch on Fridays.

Here is our Friday 2 Minute Quick Stretch to check in with your media company’s content creation and social media ROI:

1.  How content rich is our website? When was the last time we sat down, put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and read it? What can we improve/edit/delete? [Read more…]

Is Your Niche Magazine Pinteresting Enough?

Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler  By Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

  Sticky, viral and doesn’t go away. No, I am not talking about the latest new flu strain. Pinterest still continues to be one of the fastest-growing platforms in social media since its inception in 2009. Are you using it to your magazine’s full advantage? Have you ruled it out completely, as it is only effective for wedding, apron, knitting magazines, or other B2C’s? Guess again, publishers. Whether you are a Business-to-Customer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), or an Association magazine, this applies to you. User rates continue to increase rapidly and they are spending an average of over 80+ minutes on some boards.  ID-10066060

That’s not only supremely sticky, it’s ROI. Why? Because if your magazine actively engages in Pinterest, you are putting out powerful visual images for your current readers, future readers, and advertisers to learn more about who and what you really are. It’s branding and it’s easy.

I stumbled upon this great free tutorial from Marketing Profs that really explains well the reasons why any business should take full advantage of Pinterest. It was published last year, but it’s still very relevant to what you need to know. (It’d be a quick read on the plane, tuck it in your carry-on.) Still not convinced that Pinterest is worth evaluating as a social media tool for your niche magazine? Check out these stats  from Forbes Magazine.

Pinterest’s user engagement does not decrease like Twitter. It’s highly viral, with 80% of pins being re-pins, according to Marketing Profs. Think about it: If your niche magazine is about software usage or scrap material or for accountants, you can pin an “Infographic of the week” or “Inspiration of the week” for your particular niche. You just need to use your imagination. How does your niche magazine effectively use Pinterest? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.


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Buzzwords that Matter for Your Magazine’s Social Media Plan

Diana Landau, Niche Content WranglerBy Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

Hello all you astute B2C, B2B and Association Niche Magazine Publishers! Today I would like to discuss the latest technological advancements of GetGlue and Viggle.  I’m kidding. That’s a discussion about the burgeoning Social TV medium for another post at another time. However, with our rapidly changing content marketing world there are new terms to be learned every single day. Sometimes more. To create your own buzz, you must know the buzzwords, grasshopper.

Some of you may know all of these words or terms below, use them frequently, are totally immersed in the concepts of each, plus you enjoy the side benefit of greatly impressing your colleagues or at least your mother.  ID-100124017But there are also some of us out there who are wide-eyed and learning, not afraid to say “What does that mean?” Also possibly sweating a bit that we don’t always know as much as we should.

Although there will be no Official Niche Magazine Pop Quiz later, here is a handy little glossary below for your education and/or amusement:

  • Break through the clutter:  All the web chatter out there. Break through it. You may need to attend the  Niche Magazine Conference in Tempe in February to learn the best ways to do this.
  • Data Miner:  Person within an organization who mines or sifts or surfs through data for patterns and trends, interesting new content and/or updated contact information. This activity should include interns, assistants, sales, marketing dept—wait, ALL the depts plus the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief.
  • Digital storytelling:  There are many kinds of online storytelling today–such as Visual (video), Data-driven (infographics), Audio (through podcasts) and more.
  • Going for the longer burn:  Similar to oft-used term “long tail”, but this refers to a PR strategy that keeps lighting the interest fire through an integrated multimedia plan that includes video, analog, print, blogs, etc.
  • Newsjacking:  It’s walking the fine ethical line of dovetailing on a current event. Sometimes you can use today’s news to piggyback and share some info about your magazine with your readers.  Here’s some good advice on how to do that right.
  • Noisy:  Constant content with no substance. For example, some could say that if our U.S. Congress has a blog, it is, um, noisy.
  • Snackable content:  Short little content pieces or visuals that give a little something tasty for the reader to munch on–works great for Business-to-Consumer magazines on Pinterest.
  • Supercreatives:  Those that excel in the brave new content marketing world. You network with them at Niche Magazine Conferences all the time.
  • Stumbler:  Someone who is actively engaged in Stumbleupon. Second definition is someone at a niche magazine that does not learn how to integrate their media plan.
  • Tactical Enthusiasm:  Jumping into all the media streams (blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.) without having overarching communication goals and strategy first. Not necessarily a good thing.
  • Vlogging: The concept of combining videos with blogging.

There are many more buzzwords out there we haven’t even touched on. Share some of your best buzzwords with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments!

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