Why Didn’t Leno Tweet More? An Audience Engagement Lesson for Niche Magazine Publishers


Lesson for those on TV: Why didn’t Leno use more media than TV to engage his audience?

Ongoing communication with your audience is vital to the success of the relationship. If you are a celebrity, it seems to matter quite a bit if you tweet. But as a niche magazine publisher, you can do what works best for you–blog, tweet, email, text, instagram, video or whatever–as long as you keep a robust conversation going with your customers.

If you haven’t started thinking in these terms, take a lesson from the recent Leno-Fallon shift.

Lotsa buzzzzzz about the Tonight Show. Did Leno really get ousted because he didn’t tweet enough?

Check out the engagement and online activity (or lack thereof) for Jay Leno vs Jimmy Fallon and other TV hosts like Letterman and Kimmel: Why Twitter helped Fallon get Leno’s job. [Read more…]

50 Revenue Ideas for Niche Magazine Publishers

We asked the 2013 Niche Magazine Conference attendees to share the best revenue strategies for niche magazine publishers that they learned at the event. Here are 50 of the best! Do you have a great idea that isn’t on this list? Tell us about it in the comments!

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

1. The world of media has changed – embrace new technology by doing everything. Try out every new social media outlet to see what works for your business and be an educating source for marketers.

2. Create new content for your website, not just regurgitated material from your print magazine. This gives people a reason to constantly return to your website, thus creating more traffic for online advertisements.

3. Create spec ads for potential advertisers to boost close rates. Ask reps to submit one per month.

4. Not all magazines are created equal in terms of advertising rates. A family magazine won’t be able to charge as much per thousand as a B2B or doctor’s magazine. Take that into account in your overall advertising strategy.

5. Make a content calendar for your website (editorial calendar on steroids) that contains everything from blogs to video. Strategically plan your online content while taking into account what has been successful in the past. [Read more…]

Don’t Look Now, But Social Media’s More Mainstream Than Ever Before

The story:  Facebook fatigue is settling in: 27% of U.S. Facebook users plan to spend less time on the site in 2013, according to a study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. (See the study.)

The reality:  Facebook isn’t fading away. For starters, 69% of Facebook users surveyed in the same Pew study say they plan to spend ticon_facebook30x30he same amount of time on the site this coming year. And the study notes the “vast majority (92%) of all social networking site users maintain a profile on Facebook.”

Speaking of staying power, Twitter just inked a big deal with American Express. That’s right, the short-form social media site twitter-icon30x30that everyone used to mock for its trivial posts just signed a deal with the mainstream financial services company that allows Twitter users to buy products for the first time directly on the service.

icon_linkedin30x30 LinkedIn,  which already has proven to be the strongest of the social media companies when it comes to stock performance,  recently extended its uninterrupted streak of exceeding analysts’ projections for both earnings and revenue. Read more.

Tumblr And Tumblr, the fast-growing blogging platform that last fall stormed into the top 10 for traffic among all sites, just added a “notifications” feature that figures to make it more addictive than ever.

It’s not just these sites that are drawing intense interest.There’s also Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and a host of others, with more social media competitors surely on the way.  PinterestInstagramGoogle plus 30x30

Previous Pew Internet surveys illustrate the increasing pervasiveness of Social Media. In September of 2009, for example, 47% of online adults used social networking sites. Today 69% of online adults — more than half of the entire adult population in the United States — use an online social network. On a typical day nearly half of all adult internet users access a social networking site.

So no matter how strong your print product might be, it’s time to take a close look at how you can use (or expand your use) of Social Media. The future is now. What’s your plan for 2013? Share what works with us and niche magazine world on Facebook or Twitter.


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