Creative Social Networking Strategies to Get New Leads!


Ad sales lead-gen: Try new social networking sites to make new connections.

Ok, so you are looking for lead-gen in the biggies–Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Maybe even in Google+ groups too. But there are SO many social networking sites out there now and you have only so much time.

There’s a catch–it can be easy to get lost in the chatter on the big sites. What about trying some brand new networking sites that are rapidly gaining traction? They can give you a distinct advantage to making new connections and might be a better use of your time.

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Digital Media Change Up: Innovations to Watch For Now


Bright idea alert! Check out these digital media innovations.

Fasten your seat belts! We came across this informative blog post by freelancer Grace Dobush for, (believe it or not), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). She tells us what’s coming next in digital media innovation and thought we’d share.

Be on the lookout for these 2015-2016 innovations:

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The Power of Niche!!


Niche in the news: 2020 predictions, new revenue opportunity for video and more!

We’ve been curating the top news, blogs and enewsletters for all things niche. Here’s what people are buzzing about now:


Brave new world

“What do you predict will change by 2020, and what will companies need to do to continue to thrive in that environment?” From Nielsen, top media experts’ 2020 predictions: Uncommon Sense: Back to the Future Perspectives on ‘Thriving in 2020’

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