Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in Publishing


Latest research reveals some no-brainers, new insights and puzzling questions.

What’s new in social media marketing strategy? The Social Media Examiner blog sums up the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report about the biggest trends to watch in social media marketing.

Here’s our niche publishing perspective on it:

Yes, visual continues to be big, big big. Webinars, podcasts, infographics, oh my! The new twist here is the rise of “original” video series. (There’s a reason biggies like Amazon are jumping on that one….) Magazines already have a huge visual presence…what are you doing to spread your eyeball influence beyond print pages?

Another no-brainer revealed in the report—Facebook ads. Niche media companies have known this works and the report says it is still a solid part of any marketing strategy.

Ok, so what’s something we don’t know? The report says marketing with Google+ is definitely on the rise. We would love to hear from niche publishers if they agree with that and how they are using it.

Some other key take-aways from the report:

  • LinkedIn love: Grand Poobah Carl has been consulted at the mountain top many times on this one. No, it’s not just for job-hunting. Linkedin expands brand awareness, positions you as a thought-leader, helps make great new contacts…….everyone learns!

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Why Email is Madonna and Facebook is Lady Gaga in e-Marketing

We know this to be true:  Everyone’s inbox is exploding! Daily messages come from email, Facebook, Google+, texts, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin and more, more, more.


Maybe they are not as different as they seem.

Facebook gets a ton of attention, but when you go beyond the hype and the hoodie you find that, for publishers, it is remarkably similar to an old communication standby……..the email.

Digital marketing adviser and author Jay Baer was our keynote speaker recently at the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville.  He shared with us a few of his insights so we can gain some clarity on how to use, and combine, these two marketing platforms. [Read more…]