Niche Magazine CEOs Can Lead with Fun!

We all work together at our niche media company for 8, 12, 14 hours a day.  Right?  Why not make it fun?  I’m a firm believer that the more fun you have, the more

Niche Media's Grand Poobah Carl landau

Niche Fun is serious business – happy employees are more productive and creative!

efficient and hard-working your team will be.  Plus it inspires creativity and helps with employee retention. Research proves this out!

When I actually worked for a living (pre-Niche Event Nation/Niche Media), I had a magazine publishing company called Niche Publications. We published 3 magazines and held 1 national event. We had a staff of about 15 people. We worked a lot, had a ton of fun and made a lot of money. Part of the secret was building a fun work environment.

Here are just a few “fun” ideas to keep your team inspired… [Read more…]