City and Regional Magazines: How to Develop Audience AND Increase Revenues!

City & Regional magazines are known for having a robust print and event presence. But online success can be more elusive. Did you know that developing and refining your e-newletter program could be the most lucrative part of your digital portfolio? We consulted audience development superstars Melissa Chowning of D Magazine and Cassie Noves of 5280 to learn how niche publishers can drive profit with their digital products. [Read more…]

The City and Regional Secret Sauce: Insight from Publisher Cathy Williams


Publisher Cathy Merrill Williams knows what’s working in the digital space for city/regional magazines.

For city & regional publications, there’s huge potential in developing “hyper-local” online strategies for content and advertising. But what is really working for savvy publishers in the digital space?

We caught up recently with Cathy Merrill Williams, President & Publisher of Washingtonian Media. We asked her about the inside scoop on their efforts to create digital content and grow digital revenue.

Niche Media HQ:  For City/Regional publications, can you give us a couple of examples of digital strategies that have worked for you to grow revenue? [Read more…]