Northstar Travel Media Dives Deep into Audience Data

In the travel industry, real-time data and information istravelweekly critical to the success of many of the world’s top travel brands.  Enter Northstar Travel Media, the #1 B2B Information & Marketing Solutions Provider to the Travel Industry.  Northstar delivers an award-winning portfolio of integrated platforms, including magazines, websites, databases, online subscription resources, and conferences & events.  Northstar is a leader providing marketing services, content licensing, and database management.

But while quality research, data, and content is always the goal at Northstar, so too is the speed at which they achieve it.  How have they continued their excellence and value to this important niche market? Northstar knows its audience and carries a willingness to apply different strategies and techniques to serve their markets.

It’s this willingness to use all strategic tools that makes Northstar a leader in their Niche, according to Len Roberto, Northstar’s Director of Audience Data. [Read more…]

How Welcome Home RGV Quadrupled Its Publishing Frequency – Haywire Turned Hallelujah!

Isn’t it wonderful to see a niche publication thrive and flourish? If a publication is amping up its publishing frequency, then it must be doing something right.whwtweekly_issue15feb3_issuu_0001

As it turns out, Welcome Home RGV, which caters to “Winter Texans” in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, has a very engaged reader base. This regional niche publication went from monthly to weekly when it realized its leisure-hungry audience needs its social event calendar and news stories updated constantly – or at least far more frequently.

As romantic as this sounds, big changes aren’t easy. Getting from point A to point B can be an operational nightmare. After all, a monthly to weekly change theoretically equates to quadruple workload. Unless you plan on growing your staff four times larger, this can equate to a quadruple dose of stress.

Nevertheless, Welcome Home RGV’s President Kristi Collier had a plan: [Read more…]

Lean, Mean and High Energy – a Story of Whitaker Publishing’s Success

417 Magazine serves 130,000 readers in Southwest Missouri within the same area code. The monthly print and digital lifestyle magazine, quarterly Home and bi-annual Bride publications, website, six weekly e-newsletters, 20 events and rich social media presence together make up today’s Whitaker Publishing Company, which is flourishing.

417 Magazine

417 Magazine has created a high-energy culture!

The 417 Magazine of the past was not so healthy when Whitaker Publishing Company purchased it in 2001, according to Associate Publisher Logan Aguirre. That difficult period “fostered a culture with a start-up vibe and energy [that] kept us lean, mean and high energy.” Today, all Whitaker employees share in the profits of the company, focusing everyone on the bottom line. [Read more…]

Passion for Craft Beer Pairs Well With Print

The folks at America’s leading beer magazine – All About Beer – responded to the current renaissance in craft beer by increasing the print run and distribution of their 35-year publication by 34%. In this hot niche market, serious beer enthusiasts prefer print.

All About Beer

All About Beer

Current trends aside, All About Beer has been telling the beer story since 1980, when only 40 breweries existed in the U.S. (To indicate the growth in this segment, today there are more than 3,200 breweries across the country with another 2,000 planned.) The lifestyle publication serves up long-form beer writing by some of the best beer authorities in the industry. In fact, the writers from All About Beer were recognized in 2014 by the North American Guild of Beer Writers with 3 first place awards: Best Magazine Feature in Beer, Best Food and Beer Feature, and Best Digital Feature.

Covering all aspects of beer – commercial brewing in the United States, international, as well as home brewing, festivals, brew pubs, food pairings, beer trends, you name it – the magazine itself is thriving in the print medium. Yet a prolific blog page on the website, along with a packed events line-up, videos, and photo pages create a well-balanced online community to complement the print faithful.

All About Beer’s burgeoning web traffic and social media channels have seen stunning increases – 125,000 unique web visitors monthly (up 4X from 2013), and 180,000 social media followers (up 2.5X from 2013). A clear leader in social media engagement in their category, All About Beer credits their online and social engines with the increased demand for print subscriptions.

Their commitment to increased reader reach has led them to invest in newsstand and events — even bringing the publication to 400 airport locations across the U.S., unique for niche titles. And, they will produce 6 of their own beer festivals in 2015, reaching 35,000 beer lovers. The combined economic impact of the company’s events will bring more than an estimated $6 million in economic impact to these 6 communities. They will also sponsor another 60 beer festivals and events across the country this year.

All About Beer has been a valued Sheridan customer for many years. Its bimonthly publication is printed and distributed from Sheridan’s Dartmouth Printing Company facility in Hanover, NH. We are excited about the vibrant and growing readership this publisher is enjoying. Cheers to All About Beer!

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Golden Opportunities Abound for Mining Media International with The Magazine Manager

Mining Media International (MMI) got its start in 2003, and through acquisition and growth, has evolved into the leading publisher serving the global mining and construction materials industries with industry-leading print, digital and event brands.  MMI relies heavily on the quality of its people and its technology to connect those staff members around the world to manage 65 different products.

Engineering and Mining Journal August 2014Implementing The Magazine Manager® proved to be worth its weight in gold, especially with customer data siloed in a variety of independent databases as a result of its acquisitions over the years.  According to John Bold, President:  “Before implementing the Magazine Manager in 2012 we were hard-pressed to pull timely reports of the business we had on the books.  Magazine Manager has given us the ability to create a centralized customer database that fully integrates our contact management needs with the ad order entry, production and billing systems [Read more…]

Change is All Good at LA Parent: Reflecting on the Year

So much can change for a niche magazine in just a few months! We featured LA Parent and its new owners six months ago, and this month we checked back in with them to see what had changed and what they have in store for 2014.

2013 was a busy year for L.A. Parent, the premier resource for parents in the LA area. Since purchasing the business in Dec. 2012, Ron and Elena Epstein have focused on content and expanding social media, and plan to re-launch in January 2014. They also replaced their entire back-office systems with The Magazine Manager in February 2013.LAP1311

Publisher Ron Epstein reflected on the year since we had spotlighted his company in June. [Read more…]

L.A. Parent’s Training Wheels Come Off

June 2013 LAParent CoverIn the Los Angeles area, L.A. Parent is all things family. From what to do on weekends to raising children with special needs, L.A. Parent provides families with educational and entertaining content. The award-winning publication recently found itself under new management and in need of an integrated CRM software solution to grow with it.

When Ron Epstein purchased the company in December 2012, he was already familiar with The Magazine Manager® from a former publishing role. He needed to lead their magazine, digital edition and National Parenting Publication Awards into the 21st century. What sealed the deal was The Magazine Manager’s integration with QuickBooks for invoicing. [Read more…]

Take Your Time Back! Lauren Publications Streamlined Sales & Production with The Magazine Manager

Dallas Child Magazine

Lauren Publications’ Dallas Child Magazine is determined to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving.

Lauren Publications, which publishes 5 regional magazines targeting mothers 25-54 and hosts numerous events, is on a mission to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving to better all of their products for their readers and advertisers. To this end they are keeping in step with the digital trends and innovations in the magazine publishing industry: increasing their social media presence, using email blasts to actively grow their base, and developing a mobile app and tablet edition. Combine this with a conversational, engaging tone, a passion for being a trusted resource for their readers, and a prime target demographic for advertisers and you have the magic formula for niche publishing success.

“Change is good,” said Sales Development Director Alison Davis, “We refuse to stay the status quo and evolve continually to better ourselves and our organization.” This doesn’t just mean adding snazzy digital content – it also means trying new ways of doing things, particularly as their publications grow. Lauren Publications uses The Magazine Manager (TMM) to streamline both production and sales. [Read more…]

Success Story: ITEM Media’s Interference Technology Takes Tech to a New Level with The Magazine Manager

Imagine creating an engineering publication for all of Europe with ten languages under one cover in addition to publishing a broad portfolio of electronics, healthcare, and consumer industries titles – sound impossible? ITEM Media does it with style for the European edition of Interference Technology. They pull it off it through coordination of a solid network of partners to provide content, translation, and client contacts in each country.

ITEM Media turned to The Magazine Manager® for help in streamlining their operations. With multiple publications, countries, and languages to cover, the ability to track clients, execute sales calls, coordinate meetings and more, with one system – instead of multiple, incompatible systems – has been a huge time saver for the company. This freed up their existing staff to reach out to new clients and develop new products and services.

Since 1970, ITEM Media has provided practical, compelling content for their audience while creating a marketplace for buyers and sellers within the industries they cover. They provide a wide range of marketing services to suppliers, including branding, lead generation, market research, events, and more. The efficiencies and coordination gained through using The Magazine Manager® has lead to more readers, more customers, and uncovered gaps in their ad sales and marketing services programs (while freeing up staff to address those gaps).

All of this supports ITEM Media in their goal of providing quality content – as print, digital magazines, e-newsletters, social media feeds, and forums – to as many readers as possible through as many platforms and devices as possible.

If you are interested in a demo of The Magazine Manager, please contact Susan Beattie at 1-877-256-0362 or email

Success Story: PMQ’s Pizza Magazine becomes first Godengo+Texterity publisher to use full digital, web, and app suite

Pizza Magazine  has seen considerable success as the leading source of information for the pizza industry. Their print magazine is read by 40,000 pizza business owners, they have 15,000 unique monthly web visitors and 13,000 weekly newsletter subscribers, reaching 100 countries.

Publisher Steve Green appreciates the value of cross-platform publishing. “Every media channel has its own constituency,” he acknowledges, “and our goal is to reach all the community in their preferred way.” His community is large and diverse. “The average owner has two stores, but there are about 500 pizza entities that have at least 4 stores. Pizza Hut has over 12,000 stores,” he explains.

Green already knew Texterity, but when he heard about the merger with Godengo, he envisioned a one-stop Total Solution that would integrate his content, facilitate reader feedback, and incorporate his videos from Pizza TV.

Now his new digital edition is live  and his app is in production. They’ll transition to a Rivista™ CMS website in August. “We have a good site now but can’t keep up with the demands, and everything has to funnel through our webmaster. Now we’ll be able to decentralize that activity.” The Rivista™ CMS is modular and fully accessible.

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