Niche Thanksgiving 2015: What’s new with you?

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and to remember all the reasons we are grateful. At Niche Media HQ, we so appreciate our niche magazine publishing audience and our conference attendees. We get to work with really cool, creative people who are constantly changing and innovating and improving–what’s better than that?   images

We polled some dynamic keynotes, some niche magazine publishers and our Niche Team on why they give thanks in 2015: [Read more…]

Talking Turkey: What We’re Grateful for in Niche Media


There’s a cornucopia of abundant possibilities for niche media!

Have you bought your turkey yet? Niche Grand Poobah Carl Landau is super-excited this year, because due to various comings and goings of family members, we have decided to do the holiday feast on…Friday. This means that on Thursday,  he will be munching on his favorite take-out Chinese food and watching the San Francisco 49-ers game. (His personal version of nirvana.)

This year, in addition to being deeply grateful to our readers and niche media publishing professionals everywhere, we decided to poll some of our most popular, beloved conference speakers. Evolution was the biggest theme in 2014 thanks to big data, the mobile imperative, new channels of content creation and distribution and more.

We asked these thought-leaders what change in niche media they are most grateful for this year: [Read more…]

A Thankgiving Story: Niche Your Niche!

Anyone who reads our blog knows by now that we shout “Niche Your Niche!” from the hilltops all the time.      ID-100119091

Imagine this: If you had a niche magazine called Thanksgiving and you only offered mashed potato content to all your readers, you would have missed the Mayflower boat.

If the publisher of Thanksgiving magazine wants to be successful, he/she needs to understand that they probably have stuffing readers and pie readers and well, some crunchy green bean readers too. Time to carve out new niches within your niche!

Still not sure? Here’s our proof-in-the-bread-pudding:

We polled the Niche Media HQ Team: What’s Your Favorite Dish at Thanksgiving? [Read more…]