Louisiana Publishing Lures Anglers & Hunters Alike

Print is not dead for Louisiana Publishing, the largest fishing and hunting publisher in the southeastern United States, with its flagship brand’s recent issue reaching 332 pages. The publisher offers timely news and features in 4 monthly print, digital magazines and websites:  Lcurrent_cover_smallouisiana Sportsman, Mississippi Sportsman, North Carolina Sportsman and South Carolina Sportsman. The company also hosts the largest hunting and fishing show in Louisiana, “The Louisiana Sportsman Show and Festival” which has seen double digit growth in the last five years, and publishes Boats, Bikes and RV’s (BBRV.com), an online meeting place for buyers and sellers.  In late 2014, the company launched its newest division, SPORTSMAN apparel.

How does Louisiana Publishing manage its business efficiently?  [Read more…]

Lean, Mean and High Energy – a Story of Whitaker Publishing’s Success

417 Magazine serves 130,000 readers in Southwest Missouri within the same area code. The monthly print and digital lifestyle magazine, quarterly Home and bi-annual Bride publications, website, six weekly e-newsletters, 20 events and rich social media presence together make up today’s Whitaker Publishing Company, which is flourishing.

417 Magazine

417 Magazine has created a high-energy culture!

The 417 Magazine of the past was not so healthy when Whitaker Publishing Company purchased it in 2001, according to Associate Publisher Logan Aguirre. That difficult period “fostered a culture with a start-up vibe and energy [that] kept us lean, mean and high energy.” Today, all Whitaker employees share in the profits of the company, focusing everyone on the bottom line. [Read more…]

SCB Marketing – Poised for 2015 and Beyond

Investing in technology has helped SCB Marketing become what it is today: the premier marketing services company on Florida’s Space Coast, achieving such accolades as “Business of the Year”, one of “Florida Companies to Watch” and a spot on Inc. Magazine’s “List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”. SCB

The company launched Space Coast Business Magazine 8 years ago, and now oversees 7 magazines, 4 events, and full gamut of marketing and design services including custom publishing. According to company Co-Founder and President, Josh Field, “We’re a marketing company first and foremost… we connect buyers and sellers through whatever means we have available to us – print, digital, events, personal relationships, etc.” [Read more…]

Artslandia Publishing Connects the Arts Community to Portland’s Public, One Performance at a Time

Artslandia Magazine is THE annual guidebook for the Portland performing arts scene, connecting area performing arts groups, readers and Artslandia Coveradvertisers. If you want to know anything about Portland music, dance or theatre, just read Artslandia Magazine’s show summaries, schedules, ticket prices, and venues. When you arrive at the production, you will certainly be handed one of the 57 playbills and programs Artlsandia also produces annually as “Artsladia at the Performance.”

Misty Tompoles has seen phenomenal growth over her last 16 years as publisher.   She and her team are laying the groundwork to franchise the annual guidebook in other cities.  The Magazine Manager® (MM) software will be an integral part of that expansion. [Read more…]

Change is All Good at LA Parent: Reflecting on the Year

So much can change for a niche magazine in just a few months! We featured LA Parent and its new owners six months ago, and this month we checked back in with them to see what had changed and what they have in store for 2014.

2013 was a busy year for L.A. Parent, the premier resource for parents in the LA area. Since purchasing the business in Dec. 2012, Ron and Elena Epstein have focused on content and expanding social media, and plan to re-launch www.laparent.com in January 2014. They also replaced their entire back-office systems with The Magazine Manager in February 2013.LAP1311

Publisher Ron Epstein reflected on the year since we had spotlighted his company in June. [Read more…]

L.A. Parent’s Training Wheels Come Off

June 2013 LAParent CoverIn the Los Angeles area, L.A. Parent is all things family. From what to do on weekends to raising children with special needs, L.A. Parent provides families with educational and entertaining content. The award-winning publication recently found itself under new management and in need of an integrated CRM software solution to grow with it.

When Ron Epstein purchased the company in December 2012, he was already familiar with The Magazine Manager® from a former publishing role. He needed to lead their magazine, digital edition and National Parenting Publication Awards into the 21st century. What sealed the deal was The Magazine Manager’s integration with QuickBooks for invoicing. [Read more…]

Take Your Time Back! Lauren Publications Streamlined Sales & Production with The Magazine Manager

Dallas Child Magazine

Lauren Publications’ Dallas Child Magazine is determined to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving.

Lauren Publications, which publishes 5 regional magazines targeting mothers 25-54 and hosts numerous events, is on a mission to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving to better all of their products for their readers and advertisers. To this end they are keeping in step with the digital trends and innovations in the magazine publishing industry: increasing their social media presence, using email blasts to actively grow their base, and developing a mobile app and tablet edition. Combine this with a conversational, engaging tone, a passion for being a trusted resource for their readers, and a prime target demographic for advertisers and you have the magic formula for niche publishing success.

“Change is good,” said Sales Development Director Alison Davis, “We refuse to stay the status quo and evolve continually to better ourselves and our organization.” This doesn’t just mean adding snazzy digital content – it also means trying new ways of doing things, particularly as their publications grow. Lauren Publications uses The Magazine Manager (TMM) to streamline both production and sales. [Read more…]

The Sky is the Limit with UP!, the In-Flight Magazine of WestJet Airlines, and the Magazine Manager

U-02-13-cover-low-resThe Sky is the Limit with up!, The In-Flight Magazine of WestJet Airlines. What makes a publisher successful? According to Stacy Haakonson, Sales Resource Manager at Redpoint Media and Marketing Solutions, “success is measured by the people that we have and the caliber of products we create”. The leading independent print and digital publishing and communications company based in Calgary, Canada, RedPoint also publishes Avenue and Wine Access and provides digital and print marketing expertise across a wide range of various sectors.

Their strategy is to remain focused, stay driven, be passionate about what they do, know their audience, be nimble, and create a culture that makes employees want to be there. It’s a winning strategy that has placed them in “Canada’s Top 50 Employers” for years.

Stacy keeps her sales staff on task with The Magazine Manager®. Within the first six months of implementation, management noticed a huge difference in reporting capabilities when compared with their prior system and with the tools their sales people use to organize contact lists and manage clients in a more organized, detailed fashion. “This provides great customer service to our advertiser base which ultimately establishes trust and a relationship which is so important to have in today’s sales market.”

To learn more about The Magazine Manager®, contact Susan Beattie at (877) 256-0362 or sbeattie@MirabelTechnologies.com, or visit our website: www.MirabelTechnologies.com


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Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events – blog.NicheEventNation.com  Check it out!

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Success Story: ITEM Media’s Interference Technology Takes Tech to a New Level with The Magazine Manager

Imagine creating an engineering publication for all of Europe with ten languages under one cover in addition to publishing a broad portfolio of electronics, healthcare, and consumer industries titles – sound impossible? ITEM Media does it with style for the European edition of Interference Technology. They pull it off it through coordination of a solid network of partners to provide content, translation, and client contacts in each country.

ITEM Media turned to The Magazine Manager® for help in streamlining their operations. With multiple publications, countries, and languages to cover, the ability to track clients, execute sales calls, coordinate meetings and more, with one system – instead of multiple, incompatible systems – has been a huge time saver for the company. This freed up their existing staff to reach out to new clients and develop new products and services.

Since 1970, ITEM Media has provided practical, compelling content for their audience while creating a marketplace for buyers and sellers within the industries they cover. They provide a wide range of marketing services to suppliers, including branding, lead generation, market research, events, and more. The efficiencies and coordination gained through using The Magazine Manager® has lead to more readers, more customers, and uncovered gaps in their ad sales and marketing services programs (while freeing up staff to address those gaps).

All of this supports ITEM Media in their goal of providing quality content – as print, digital magazines, e-newsletters, social media feeds, and forums – to as many readers as possible through as many platforms and devices as possible.

If you are interested in a demo of The Magazine Manager, please contact Susan Beattie at 1-877-256-0362 or email sbeattie@MirabelTechnologies.com.

Success Story of the Month: Lessiter Publications Takes Business on the Road with The Magazine Manager

Like most people in the niche publishing world, Lessiter Publications’ President Mike Lessiter wears a lot of hats: manager, sales person, publisher, brand ambassador, and more.  Using The Magazine Manager’s online publication management system to track his team, from initial sales calls to proposals to ad order entry and confirmations, has helped Mike build a better organization and stay informed with sales from the road while reducing his and his staff’s workload.

Lessiter Publications was founded by editors on a paid-subscription model, so editorial quality has always been first priority. Over 30 years, they’ve expanded from their agricultural roots to add the Equine Health and Team Sports Divisions and today have a host of revenue-generating newsletters, magazines, websites, email newsletters and events. Using The Magazine Manager since 2009 has helped this passionate group get better at ad sales and customer relationships by making a wealth of data available instantly.

The Magazine Manager allows Mike to look at sales activity – number of calls, dollars and pages booked, and read notes of logged calls – to keep his team on track. Mike is pretty enthusiastic about the change: “Instant access to call logs means that if our publishers know something crucial to a sales discussion with a client, we can step into the rep’s office and share it – we can add value to the sales team. I do this several times a day now with my sales team.”

Because The Magazine Manager is a web-based solution Mike can look at sales statistics daily bookings and position availability while making it easier to take the mystery out of what various programs and methods work and don’t. Plus, an online database is crucial to Mike being as productive out of the office as in it, too. “It is great to be able to pull up contracts and contacts on The Magazine Manager’s password-protected mobile site right on my iPhone,” he said. He also likes the ability to directly book and confirm orders while on the road. Prior to 2009, these things had to wait until the rep could turn in the orders to the Ad Services Manager.


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