What’s New in Web Tools for Niche Magazine Publishers

When it comes to great marketing, Andrew Davis is part entertainer, part evangelist and all educator. He is a speaker and an author and he also recently taught a seminar at our Niche Digital Conference in Nashville. Drew is always a big hit.  Did you catch his appearance on the Today Show last week?


Andrew Davis, CEO of Monumental Shift, shares with us his list of 52 cool new web tools.

So how many of us are trying to keep up with the latest happenin’ stuff in the web world and don’t know where to start?

Drew Davis has created a great, comprehensive list complete with ratings and posted it on his blog. It encompasses the latest technology in presentations, television, music, audio, search tools, video, infographics—even print. Plus there happens to be 52 new tools–so you can learn a new one every week. [Read more…]