Get Social To Increase Ad Sales!


Kenneth Maclean tells us how to connect with prospects in your niche: Tweet and follow!

In an earlier blog post I covered the value for niche publications in having a CRM platform to enhance customer relationships and increase sales.   Not ready for that level of commitment?  Start by getting social.

 At a minimum, I strongly encourage publishers and sales professionals to get active in social media.  Twitter is a simple and free channel to communicate with advertising partners.  

(Editor’s note: If you don’t want to take advantage of simple and free media channels, there’s no point in reading the rest of this. You will probably be too busy worrying about why you can’t find a decent typewriter repairman in the Yellow Pages.)

Creating a Twitter account takes less than a minute and enables you to get in on conversations with other Twitterites in your niche…including advertisers.  Start by following them and re-tweeting their news.  There’s a very good chance they will return the favor.

A few tips for using Twitter as an effective sales tool:  [Read more…]