Media Ad Sales: Become a Video Expert!


Don’t pull your video ideas out of hat! Here’s 7 ways to become an expert to your advertisers!

Video can improve audience engagement, attract new web traffic and drive sales leads and conversions for your advertisers. So is video a big part of your ad program? And are you confident in selling it to your advertisers?

Here are 7 savvy ways for you to help your advertisers maximize video with your magazine: [Read more…]

Rocket Launch Your Magazine’s Video Content!


Launch your video content into the stratosphere with Mike’s 8 turbo-boosts!

Ok, so you understand video is an important way to connect to your readers. You have even compiled a “library” of some really great videos with amazing content.

So how the heck do you maximize your video content’s sharability and engagement factor so all your amazing content gets watched?!?

Mike Bannan, COO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association and recent speaker at the Niche Digital Conference has a powerful short list for you:

GOAL: To maximize “shareability” value of your video content.

You mission, if you choose to embrace it:

Mike’s 8 Turbo-boosts for creating super-shareable video content [Read more…]

Lights, Camera, Branding! Editors + Video = Sales Supercharger!

For many brands – if not all, then most – your editor serves as more than the content creator of the publication. Just as importantly, he/she also serves as the “human incarnation” of your brand. Take a trade show for instance…do you go to a show and leave your editor behind, riding a desk at the home office? Hope not! As my son would say, “That’s a trip to crazy-town.”


Ad sales: Great Video + Your Editor = Successful brand image

As an editor circulates in a market, they leave a trail of spinning “brand” impressions on the audience they interact with. The brand becomes more than just the site, magazine, event.

Everyone loooooves a meeting with editors – from customers and readers to analysts. Want proof? Have an editor go with a sales rep on a sales trip and see how many more appointments they get if the client knows Mr. Big is along for the ride.

So as a sales rep, how can you magnify your editors’ industry face time – properly? 

With video. Video is the niche market’s killer app…not only does it drive higher time-onsite, but encourages interactivity with the brand and is eminently viral-capable.

But video has to be done well. A dimly-lit, poorly-shot video on a crowded trade show floor with an editor who doesn’t have a good social skill-set can also lead to a poor perception of your brand. I’ve produced a few donkeys in the day and looking back would love to have had the chance to do it right.

Here are my 6 top tips for you to execute great editor video: (An easy way to remember it: “FLAASH.”) [Read more…]