First-Ever Niche Webinar – Just for Niche Magazine Publishers!


In the spirit of trying new things that scare us a bit, we are hosting a first ever niche webinar.

You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and try something new that scares you a little bit!

I don’t know if webinars scare me, but I’ve avoided them all my life.  I’ve signed up for a few and then lost interest pretty fast.

Maybe I was scared off when I got an aggressive sales phone call right after a webinar or maybe it’s something from my childhood.

Wait– webinars didn’t exist yet when I was a kid.

I had never seriously considered being a presenter for a webinar. Just my prejudice against the process…I’m a “live” event guy. Ironically I know webinars are real-time and interactive too, I had really never thought about it that way.

Well, guess what? I’m moving out of my comfort zone and we’re holding our first-ever niche webinar on July 11! I got interested when Mike Agron from WebAttract agreed to speak at our upcoming Niche Digital Conference Wide World of Webinars session. [Read more…]