Lean, Mean and High Energy – a Story of Whitaker Publishing’s Success

417 Magazine serves 130,000 readers in Southwest Missouri within the same area code. The monthly print and digital lifestyle magazine, quarterly Home and bi-annual Bride publications, website, six weekly e-newsletters, 20 events and rich social media presence together make up today’s Whitaker Publishing Company, which is flourishing.

417 Magazine

417 Magazine has created a high-energy culture!

The 417 Magazine of the past was not so healthy when Whitaker Publishing Company purchased it in 2001, according to Associate Publisher Logan Aguirre. That difficult period “fostered a culture with a start-up vibe and energy [that] kept us lean, mean and high energy.” Today, all Whitaker employees share in the profits of the company, focusing everyone on the bottom line.

Whitaker has utilized The Magazine Manager since 2008, increasing productivity in various ways: what would take two people an entire day to send out ad material reminders now is accomplished with the push of a button. The system allows everyone to see reps’ calls and appointments for the week, forcing everyone to document client communications. “Our team knows that if they don’t log their activity, they leave themselves wide open for another rep to make a persuasive argument to claim the account. As the Associate Publisher, I can peek in at any time and see how the team is doing. Our designers can track the process of an ad for the sales team to see at any time. And our billing processes have improved, too.”




The Magazine Manager is a proud sponsor of the May 2015 issue of Niched Out News.

For more information on The Magazine Manager contact Susan Beattie at (877) 256-0362 or sbeattie@magazinemanager.com or visit www.MagazineManager.com.

About the Author: Donna Tosi is Marketing Manager for Mirabel Technologies, Inc.


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