Niched Out Magazine: Manure Manager

Manure Manager CoverAt Niche Media we like to celebrate great target-interest magazines. This month we’re calling out a magazine so small, they’ve made it big. Manure Manager is the only magazine published exclusively for the manure handling industry across North America, reaching over 13,500 highly intensive livestock operators.  Manure, considered by many to be a “waste” and a smelly hindrance, is an important crop production resource and is fast becoming an alternative energy source for innovative and progressive livestock producers.

As Publisher Scott Jamieson says of Manure Manager, “Shit happens, and when it does, we’re all over it.” And not just Manure Manager and their select group of agricultural readers. CBS commentator Conor Knighton has a love for the strange publications that have somehow managed to survive “in the face of a crumbling print industry,” and they’re one of his favorites. You’ll have to watch the video to see exactly what he said about them, but Scott says, “We’ll take it as a compliment.”

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