Success Story: Renaissance Publishing Thrives in the Big Easy with The Magazine Manager

New Orleans is back and more vibrant than ever. The city is growing again and tourism is booming. More restaurants are opening than ever before, the city is the third most popular place to film movies, and in just 18 months it will have hosted the SuperBowl, both the men’s and women’s Final Four, and many more national sporting and cultural events.

Award-winning local publisher Renaissance Publishing is uniquely positioned to grow with the region and cover all the action. With six local publications, including New Orleans Magazine, they can cover all the region’s action. Exploding restaurant scene? They are the only local publisher with three food writers. Major sporting and cultural events returning that need coverage? They are custom-publishing pros covering the arts, sports, ports, and more. More digital-age readers? They have apps, digital editions, and social media pages.

To better position Renaissance Publishing to flourish with the city’s recovery and growth, CEO Todd Matherne turned to The Magazine Manager in 2007 to integrate and streamline his publishing properties. The Magazine Manager’s web-based system combined customer relationship management, ad order entry, and billing management into one system. This integration allows Renaissance Publishing to easily add new custom publications and cross-promote products to customers.

Plus, the new system made information accessible from anywhere, updated it in real time, and offered plenty of server space for the future. Now sales people in the field can create proposals on the spot and Renaissance Publishing’s 27 employees can easily work from satellite offices.  The Magazine Manager’s credit card integration allows Renaissance Publishing to easily promote and sell magazine subscriptions via customized web forms without a lot of extra time and effort. More streamlined systems and integrated products lets the Renaissance Publishing team spend more time selling ads, creating great content, and reaching out to readers.

Todd and his team are very excited about what the future holds, both for the city of New Orleans and Renaissance Publishing.


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Success Story: Renaissance Publishing Thrives in the Big Easy with The Magazine Manager

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