The New Face of the Niche Magazine Conference Revealed!

Every year, Niche Media picks a new theme for the Niche Magazine Conference. With a SUPERHERO theme for 2013, the Niche team was left with one burning question: Which superhero will become our Grand Poobah’s alter ego?

We pared it down to three and put it to the people for a vote with the promise that if enough people voted we’d make Carl dress up at the event:

After tallying hundreds of votes, the clear winner and new face of Niche Media’s Grand Poobah for the 2013 Niche magazine conference is (drum roll please) Batman-Carl!

Now it is time to get to work in the Niche Bat Cave on making this conference even more awesome than last year! We hope you join us for the fun! (Oh, and all the revenue-generating information for niche magazine publishers, too!)

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