When Swans Attack! (A Parable for Publishers)

Sorry, Poobah, we really are. But we just have to tell them. We know that Ted Bahr, most excellent past speaker at the Niche Conference will be able to sympathize. (Even if his story involves demonic turkeys instead.)

Here’s a true, little story for your Freaky Friday:  

One beautiful spring day, Grand Poobah decided to walk to the office. His mind was swirling with great ways to create networks for Nichers.  He walked along briskly with furrowed brow, thinking and thinking about niche magazine publishing. (He actually ponders like this.)

Poobah had many cool ideas to write out so he wanted to get to Niche Media HQ more quickly.  Aha! I will take a shortcut through the park.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that Poobah did not notice the new blooming blooms nor budding blossoming trees nor morning mist rising from the water in the duck pond.  He plowed on.  All of a sudden, out of NOwhere, two vicious, blood-thirsty, super-pecking swans attacked him!  They really did.

Envision wildly flapping wings, loud honking and beaks jabbing. That definitely got Poobah’s attention–he was somewhere in the middle of it all at that point.  As a matter of fact, he jumped and yelled and kicked and leapt away as fast as he could.  AHHHHHHH!  (More printable than what he actually said.)

Heart pounding, whapping them hard with a bag he was carrying, Poobah made it safely down the block. Whew.  Away from that treacherous, terrible park and finally to HQ.


Sweet swans swooning? Hardly.

Don’t believe swans are evil? Well these people do. They can even sympathize. And yes, those devil-spawn swans were probably protecting their nest or wanting some breadcrumbs.

But ferociously attacking a niche magazine publisher is just wrong.

So what’s the point of this little story?  Have you ever been SO focused on something SO important that you get forget to look up?  Around?  Maybe there really is something to that Black Swan theory. (Although these attackers where deceptively angelic white.)

Don’t get so focused on your goals and the managing of the day to day that you get tunnel vision and don’t see things coming. Like challenges that pop up out of nowhere. Or really good trends. Or serendipitous revenue streams. Or…..insanely angry swans.

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